Until you can survive the pain and suffering.

We need us.


Mother Earth.



Peace After the Storm.

Pffew, That was Intense!

Are you ready?

It’s pretty scary…

But if we Feel with our Hearts;

Look with your Eyes;

And Take Time to Heal…

Wear Your  Well Deserved Crown.

Now I can Sleep Again.

Thank You All and See You Soon!

P.s. Video coming soon.

My definition of Love.

My definition of Love.

I had to make up my own definition of Love because I don't agree with the ones that I found, so I was unsatisfied.

I love logic, I live for it! To think....and understand, and if something doesn't make sense, I just change it and create my own Vision.

That's a skill that I learned through my life while being hypomanic, then manic and psychotic:

I hate my reality = I want a better one = how do I achieve that?...

At any Cost.

I've learned that in order to achieve something better, you have to lose everything.

I was so driven, so committed.

I started to do anything that would make me happy: taking pictures, singing, writing, painting, discovering new places and people, having sex, working.

Even if I have to go and (think) out of (the box) my head, out of this world, but at last! I achieved it.


Do you want to know what I've found?

A way to stay and fight for what I believe in.

A way to stay true to myself.

A way to achieve it all, without losing everything and most of all myself.

Our problems? The way we see and think.

Our problems? The way we see and think.

Experience is all I have.
I've been living in this world for enough time to understand that some things have to change.
Is that enough?
What am I good at, and what can I do with what I have to make a difference?
What more can I do to better myself?
I love to: learn, challenge myself, experience new things, and create things from nothing...
Is that enough?
Then you're overqualified and that's an issue too...?
How does this world...Work, and why?
Broken hearts.
Lost paths.
How low do we want to go before we force ourselves to see whats really going on here?
How much more do we have to break people's Soul before we understand that without us, there is no world?
Isn't it enough?
For every solution there is a problem.
For every problem there is a solution.
Be a fighter with brains, choose your battles and believe in your cause.
Get busy creating your own happiness.
That will help, empower and change the world.
Because we all want the same thing.

The Choice

The Choice.

A: (...) So she asked me why.
B: Why what?
A: Why would I fight for it, knowing that it wasn't going to end well.
B: And?
A: It was my choice...what matters is that I was aware of the truth. I did it and put my all into it.
B: ...and now what?
A: Now I'll wait...
B: For what?
A: To fall in love again.
B: ...Ah...
A: ...Yep...tea?
B: You'll lose it all...
A: I know. Tea?
B: What will you do?
A: Don't know, tea?
B: Don't worry, we'll figure it out. Just so you know, I'm so proud of you...yes,please!
A: Thank you, I love you too.

Ways of Escaping.

Missing you.
Most of all your smile.
The sound of your footsteps at 5am that I hated so much and now I’m praying to hear again, every night.
The echoes replay in this empty house.
You aren’t here with me anymore.
Even if I know where to find you, I still feel like I’m losing you every second of every long and neverending day.
We breathe, but your mind is leaving me, and with that, our memories.
Your memories.
Sometimes I wish that I was the one forgetting what it once was…because it’s just too painful.
The fear of losing you forever.
Your shaky hands grabbing onto mine.
Your soft kisses on my cheek.
Your suffering and gentle eyes looking at me, asking me for things that you don’t need and I can’t give you.
I can’t win this fight for us, I’ve tried.
Instinctively, run, hide, protect myself…
while I know that there’s no running away from you, Truth.
I could get hyped and crazy for a while…feeling this depressed for too long could make me want to kill myself, leaving before I get left behind, that’s one thing I do very well.
The truth is that we’ll die one day.
Truth is that you won’t recognize my face.
One day you won’t remember my name.
You’ll be fine, don’t worry, I’ve got you…
I’ll forever remember for the both of us.




Where to?

Couldn't breathe, didn't know how to swim.
It was a great family day...


My savior.

Always gasping, no peace, forever?

No air.
Panic, repeat, but change.

Because only I can save myself now.