The pianist of our bodies.

I want to love you the way that the pianist loves the touch and sound of the notes;make love to you with my eyes closed, just as we enjoy every sensation while feeling your fingers touching my hidden keys.

Laugh with you as our bodies touch in this perfect dance, and feel the pain on my fingertips but still be willing to never want to stop or give up, until the concert is over.

After all those feelings of pleasure…bow down, exit and leave you wanting to come back for more.

Elfy Lady Dalyz

Being the King

Animal comes to play.

Neith Lady Dalyz

Seek and you shall find

A wind that carries me away,
On a dance that I love, but can’t let myself go.

This tango isn’t meant to be, it breaks my heart, endlessly.



I grab onto my legs,
I can feel it, I’m losing control.

But I won’t.

I understand the beast, see it and hear it too, while it tries to shake my fundamentals.

But never my soul.

When it comes, beautiful, sensual beast of deception,
I’m tempted to play.

But I won’t risk my life no more.

The beast won’t win today.

I am here to stay.

My scars will do the talking.
Ph: Juany Sanchez Lino

Super + Power = SupermePower (Mom’s secret recipe)

Me: Cooking isn’t my passion, but I’m an expert at Mixing! On the other hand, cooking is my mom’s area of expertise, so please, come closer and read, cause I have a new recipe that I would like to teach: my Mom’s Secret Recipe for Power!
Lady Dalyz Nonna&Ma

Ma: Do you recognize that feeling called Happiness?

We add it with some Passion, because any good Work, can’t be done without it, obviously…

Tastes like Sugar, wanna try?

Good, right?

Me: How much happiness is enough?

And passion?

Ma: You’ll feel it.
Now let’s mix it: Up, Straight, Round and Down, and continue until you feel dizzy, sorry, I meant: the Emotions Look Mixed!
Narrator: Confused?

You should be, because the taste, ehm ehm, FEELING was the right word, sorry…


Me: How much happiness is enough?
And passion?

And mixing?

Ma: Just think, feel, add and taste!

It still needs some Love!

Me: I hate cooking!

Ma: It’s really cheap and convenient recipe, I’m sure you can do it, and it’s healthy too!

Narrator: For the Prize of a Little bit of your Attention, Time, and Patience I’ll give to you:



Me: it tastes delicious ma, great work!

Side Effects may include: Growing Up; Feeling Amazing; Learning New Things and Taking Responsibility for your Actions.

P.s. It tastes even better if you let it Rest for a while before you Eat it!


Narrator: You can leave, get offended, and she too could, but you’re both fighters, so stay until you can find a way that works for all of you.

Me: Ma, it worked!

Ma: (…)Yes, talk to you Soon SweetHeart, okay? Love you!

Me: Love you more Ma, thank you.