I came to you vulnerable
With an open soul
And a broken heart

Trying to spit some words out
Gazing into your beautiful eyes
While being mesmerized

Days have passed
I’m still here
Waiting for a sign

Too many times
I’ve allowed my mind
To wonder about you

Questioning my sanity
Wasting my time
But am I?




The pursue of love
From one disappointment the next
Looking for pleasure and inspiration
Behind a moment of fake happiness
I <3 U Lady Dalyz

I<3 U

Save me
From myself
Save me
From these tears of pain
Cause once I’m alone in my bed
It falls hard like a hailstorm
And I think to myself
Is it worth it
Save me
From my thoughts
Save me
From my fears
Self-love is the key
To get out of these bad trips
Fulfillment comes from within
And satisfies all needs

Zero empatia

Lady Dalyz freedom

Lady Dalyz

Amore senza comprensione

Annulla i miei dolori
Sventrami e liberami l’anima

Con le tue parole
Distruggi quest’incantesimo

Realizza questa fantasia
O la mia vita sarà finita

In attesa del domani
Dopo tantissimi anni

Affronto il tabù
Che m’hai dato tu

E non capisci il mio dolore
Non vuoi vedere dentro questo cuore

Stanco e addolorato
Che tanto per te ha pianto

E per nulla

How dare you

I will show you

My unspoken words


I will touch your soul

One look is all i need


Ignoring my pain

Hating on my loving


Walking away

Despite it all


I care

Enough to ignore the pain


How can i trust you with my emotions

When you constantly give and take your love?


The only thing that’s constant is your insecurities

The revenge that you throw on me


No mistakes admitted

It ain’t real


This ain’t love

Time to go



What to do?

How do I get rid of this feeling?

Lady Dalyz Jennifer Alvarez

looking at you 

My soul can’t breath,
I’m trapped in my own brain.
Go back,
How to act?
How do I help myself?
My mind can’t rest,
My body is shaken.

Beware for Growth

Lady dalyz Jennifer Alvarez

Ph. Cherry Kaur

that disappear like lies.

In your eyes,
My reflection.

The evaluation,
A heart to heart.

What’s on your mind?

Hurtful marks.

Shinning stars,
From a distant past.

I see it.
I feel it.
But that’s not real any more.



dog Lady Dalyz Ph



flowing, echoing.



The rush, my heart.



Freeing my words.

Accidentes y vidas

Te vi llegar…y no supe hacer nada más que bloquearme.



Abro los ojos,


Niños al suelo.

Sin diente.

Pensamientos que no pueden parar.

Sin sentir el dolor.

Sin entender.

Sin poder.

Con vida.


Life in water Lady Dalyz

Water lives inside and around us

When more means nothing…and nothing is worse

Bird Lady Dalyz

You only need one leg to stand

This feeling of abandonment is still here, rooted in my soul.

I feel alone, empty. No matter what I do to help myself, I can’t seem to make it stop.

I can be surrounded by all my loved ones, but still be missing you tremendously.

Pretending that I’m strong enough, that I don’t need your approval, or your love…

It costs me so much effort and energy to protect myself from you, and the thought of you.

I love you with every fiber of my body, and yet that isn’t enough.

You don’t see me.

You don’t hear me.

You don’t care.

I crave your attention, even though I have no right to do so.

I expect you to show me love, when you literally have no obligation to me.

I thought I was an important part of your life, when clearly, I’m not.

You didn’t choose me, you chose her…I just came along with it.

The sad truth is that I miss you, but most of it, what you represent to me:

Unconditional love that I never had from the man that should have given it to me, but never did.

Trust & Issues

My heart has lead me to painful memories.
My brain has planned failures and sabotages.
Delusions of my vision, materializing the impossible.
Heard voices that wouldn’t allow me to move, or breath.
People I’ve loved had abused me, mentally and physically.
I’ve been so paranoid that I wouldn’t come out from under my sheets.
I’ve trusted people that only wanted to use me.
I tried to kill myself.
I’ve wished I was dead.
I can’t trust myself.

Now, my love…How can I trust you?

Eye Lady Dalyz

Eye in love