My definition of Love.

My definition of Love.

I had to make up my own definition of Love because I don't agree with the ones that I found, so I was unsatisfied.

I love logic, I live for it! To think....and understand, and if something doesn't make sense, I just change it and create my own Vision.

That's a skill that I learned through my life while being hypomanic, then manic and psychotic:

I hate my reality = I want a better one = how do I achieve that?...

At any Cost.

I've learned that in order to achieve something better, you have to lose everything.

I was so driven, so committed.

I started to do anything that would make me happy: taking pictures, singing, writing, painting, discovering new places and people, having sex, working.

Even if I have to go and (think) out of (the box) my head, out of this world, but at last! I achieved it.


Do you want to know what I've found?

A way to stay and fight for what I believe in.

A way to stay true to myself.

A way to achieve it all, without losing everything and most of all myself.