Welcome! Please, get comfortable…Let’s have a chat =)


I will trigger you.

A lot.
That’s what I’m here for, to make you feel, shock you.
I’ll always tell you what I will/should/want to do.
I want you to be ready for it, I don’t like surprises neither.
I will talk about heavy subjects.
Subjects that make you feel ashamed to even think about it, because of the taboos that you have learned or imposed to yourself.
It’s gonna trigger different emotions.
I’m not worried about the positive ones, it’s about the bad ones that you’ll complain about.
The same ones that later on will allow you to understand and grow.
You’ll feel attacked and probably will start to hate me.
I’m used to that: people love me too much, or hate me with passion.
It’s hard and confronting to deal with the truth.
This is my truth.
Some of you don’t even know me.
Think about why that is, what triggers those feelings.
What words shake your soul and why do they?
Because words aren’t the problem.
I am not the problem, I’m just expressing my thoughts and feelings, or so called “messenger”.
The problem is your reaction to it.
The problem is your traumas.
And it’s time to deal with it.

Think about it.
Sorry for the pain,
You’re welcome for the growth.

Don't hear the beautiful words, listen to the message with your heart.