My ArtLife

I've always been a very creative girl: I used and still love to paint, write, sing and now also photography. I was a very shy girl, so those were my tools to let go of everything that I couldn't understand. My emotions were so overwhelming that I didn't know how to handle them or how to react on them in a normal way. I stopped painting when I was thirteen and my last painting was one of the theatre masks (comedy and tragedy).  I guess in my subconscious I always knew that they were two clear sides of me, I just wasn't ready to face it. Being diagnosed as Bipolar changed my life for the better, because it made me understand all the things that I could't accept of myself before. It made me understand why I was "too much drama", why people left, why I overreacted according to others and why why and more. Writing was different. I never stopped, but I did threw away or burned most of my old work while i was enraged...If I only knew back then what I know now... Singing was like painting: sometimes yes, then no...Being able to sing gave me my voice back, I used to hold everything in, because I knew that what I had to say would hurt a lot of people. From 2012 everything changes: I started to take singing lessons from a very talented singer (Cathy O'Gara) and that opened a door that I never want to close anymore. Photography developed when I was twentythree, when I got my first camera. Is one of my favorite hobbies, and who knows, maybe one day my profession. When it comes to my Art, every one has it's reason and comes from a particular feeling. They're my medicine, really.