I, Jennifer Dalyz Alvarez Sanchez (Lady Dalyz) was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

After my mom remarried the family migrated to Italy. I grew up there until 2015, when I decided to move to the Netherlands where I'm now living and working as a writer and member of the Clients Council for GGZ inGeest Zuiderpoort.

Until a few months ago I was leading support groups for people with mental disorders and addiction, which I loved to do.

I'm an autodidact artist: author since I've learned to write; photographer since 2013 when my father gave me my first camera; singer and painter since I can remember and model since I got my first job when I was 15. I've always liked to mix and create new things, so also when it comes to my Art I just put everything that I know together, like making and singing my own songs.

I had first a psychosis with depression, and a few years later another psychosis, but this while time being manic. I was then diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 1, and thank God because that explained a lot!

I started writing publicly because Art has always been the only way for me to properly communicate and connect with people. I wanted to belong somewhere and get more insight on situations that I've experienced. I wanted to be seen and understood.

After years I've noticed that through sharing my Ups&Downs I helped and supported people who just like me were struggling with life and everything that came with it. I really appreciate when friends or family members ask information about how to deal with someone who suffers from this illness, because for someone to recover there has to be a great support system behind.

That's why I write now, to help people and stop the stigma.








Lady Dalyz