‘Seagulls in the sky’

...is a song that I wrote years ago when I found my spirituality. Whoever your God is, or isn't, it doesn't really matter as long as you believe in something.
It's really true that when you're surrounded by loving and caring people they bring out the best in you.
This is my crazy self, I was happy that I was able to preform it (even with a very, in my opinion, funny choreography) for the first time ever without any fear of judgment and just enjoying myself.
Who knows...maybe this is the beginning of something greater 😄


P.s. I'll put the link for now. https://www.facebook.com/LadyDalyz/videos/2032811190339964/


‘Breakdown (Amore e Odio)’ – 19/10/2012


Photographer: Boaz Riani
In English it would be:
If you would see where I am right now
You would ask yourself how often
I've made mistakes and I admit that
But the result never changes anyways
Always trying and falling again
Without never arriving (at the end/goal)
What do I gain from overdoing?
Only a story to tell
And this is me
And I don't have the strength to start the again
I'm always more tired of trying
Illuding myself that sooner or later
Something will change (×3)
Stubborn, bitch, sweet lover
Beautiful, gentle, that brings pain
But if you take me with "warmth"
I'll return the favor with affection and ardor
Crazy, rebellious, unselfish
Sensitive, unique, careless
Based on your conquer
Don't be surprised if you've never seen me
And this is me
And I don't have the strength to continue
Now I'm tired of trying
There's no more sooner or later
Something will change (x3)
People use you when you give too much
Makes me want to scream and get out of here
It would be bad for society
If it was legal to break you in "two/half"
I don't want to suffer anymore - because of you
You won't be any more - my fear
And this is me
And now I'm not waiting anymore
For you to change
This is me
And I've understood that something ain't right here
And that something is
I wrote this song while I was recovered for the first time in the psychiatric hospital with a psychotic depression.
I was confused, angry, hurt, lost...I wasn't able to understand what was wrong with me, and why was I there to begin with.
Back then I was hospitalized because I thought that people wanted to kill me. I wasn't eating, talking, even showering was painful and risky. I was so weak that the weight of my body, my teeth, everything was hurting.
That was my breakingpoint, and that's why I wrote this.
Since that day, I started to change.
And you?


  1. Hi Lady Dalyz,
    To be honest, I felt like quitting as a ”rapper”. I lost my passion. But this song gives me a new spirit to restart agaun,

    • Thank you idi FIddy, that means a lot to me. I hope to continue inspiring and touching people’s harts, this feedback is much appreciated and valuable to me <3

    • Dear Ben, I don’t like to promise, but I can promise you this: I’ll never stop =) Thank you for your loving words, they fill my heart with joy <3

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