A new beginning.

I took this picture in Italy.

It was a difficult day for me, I had just left from a session with my Shaman (Di Vidos) and I was overwhelmed with emotions. This was my peace after the storm.

Once I had that camera in my hands...everything was beautiful and peaceful again! I want more people to be able to feel like that. Nature has always proven to be an infinite source of inspiration for me. My main subjects are little things in life that make a difference in this world: animals, insects, plants and flowers. I'm always surprised of how something so small, beautiful, colorful and fragile can be strong enough to survive, and give so much back: a smile, warmth, joy and peace. That's my point of view and I hope to shows through my work. I don't care for amazing pictures, what I care about that they allow you to feel something. Doesn't matter what, just something.

What do you feel?

My motto.

This is my motto:

I made a painting during a psychosis and wrote it not knowing why.

I guess I knew, somehow, that what I was hearing and seeing wasn't true. I learned to listen with my heart because I knew that the voices in my head and the illusions weren't real.

I would look at people and notice that their body language wasn't aligned with what they were saying. That freaked me out, I became paranoid.

It isn't easy to do, and I'm still perfecting it, but I can assure you, that the heart always knows what's right and best.


What is your motto, and why?


Winner’s state of mind.

I believe in what I say:

Life is an addition of problems to test us. To see if we can make it to the next level, develop ourselves and learn.

So that's one of the things that i learned to do at the best of my possibilities: problem-solving.

This state of mind helps me, not only to survive but also to achieve my goals.

I'm a very sensitive person, and the mood swings make everything harder, so in order to move forward, I force myself to get out, literally and figuratively.

I know that there's always another way.

What's your state of mind, and why?


I had to make up my own definition of Love because I don't agree with the ones that I found, so I was unsatisfied.

I love logic, I live for it! To think....and understand, and if something doesn't make sense, I just change it and create my own Vision.

That's a skill that I learned through my life while being hypomanic, then manic and psychotic:

I hate my reality = I want a better one = how do I achieve that?...

At any Cost.

I've learned that in order to achieve something better, you have to lose everything.

I was so driven, so committed.

I started to do anything that would make me happy: taking pictures, singing, writing, painting, discovering new places and people, having sex, working.

Even if I have to go and (think) out of (the box) my head, out of this world, but at last! I achieved it.


Do you want to know what I've discovered?

A way to stay and fight for what I believe in: Myself.

A way to stay true to my feelings.

A way to achieve it all, without losing everything, most of all myself.