Where was I in 2020?

What a difficult, yet wonderful, year that this has been for me: This year has broke me mentally, emotionally, financially and physically.

Yet here I stand, stronger than ever, cause I survived. I’m proud of myself. It might not seem like I did much, but these mini goals mean a lot to me.

I’ve successfully completed phase 2 of therapy and I actually feel that I’m a better person because of it.

I feel that I’m more able to recognize my Ups&Downs, and I’m able to deal with my emotions better than before.

Now on with the future: phase 3 of therapy, here I come!

I haven’t been very active with writing this year, sorry for that, I miss it too.

When I did though, mostly I appeared in books:

OM TE GROEIEN ZONDER JOU https://www.heimdall-poezie.nl/catalogus/weekvdpoezie2020/

OM GELIEFD TE ZIJN (from 11min on) https://www.heimdall-poezie.nl/catalogus/corona/

VRIJHEID https://www.heimdall-poezie.nl/catalogus/vruchten-van-vrijheid/

Yes, all of this in Dutch. After 5 years of being in this country, I finally started professionally writing in Dutch! =)

Then BLM came…and yes, I came out of my shell once more:

Black lives matter BLM Lady Dalyz Quote

There’s no “R.I.P” without justice & equality


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