The Choice

The Choice.

A: (...) So she asked me why.
B: Why what?
A: Why would I fight for it, knowing that it wasn't going to end well.
B: And?
A: It was my choice...what matters is that I was aware of the truth. I did it and put my all into it.
B: ...and now what?
A: Now I'll wait...
B: For what?
A: To fall in love again.
B: ...Ah...
A: ...Yep...tea?
B: You'll lose it all...
A: I know. Tea?
B: What will you do?
A: Don't know, tea?
B: Don't worry, we'll figure it out. Just so you know, I'm so proud of you...yes,please!
A: Thank you, I love you too.
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