Getting to know one another, no more Fear.
  You discovered fire. I Ice. And Ice always win.
That’s what we want and need.
   Reality, a better one.
Lady Dalyz Animus Anima

Animus & Anima – ph. Martina Bertola

Animus e anima

ph. Martina Bertola

Discovering that when I’m feeling overwhelmed an ice cube can bring me back to this reality.
Something small, not painful and effective.
Let’s help each other out, it’s cold outside.
Don’t Feel Cold for No Reason.
A hug, a smile, an animal that looks at you with his curious eyes.

I love it.

P.s. Just saying…good tip for the psychotic days and for the people that don’t know what to do for the people they love.

Help us go back, leave the fire that we have inside, and give us the cold, loving way of bringing us back into this world.
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