dog Lady Dalyz Ph



flowing, echoing.



The rush, my heart.



Freeing my words.

My failed successes

Yeah…sounds weird, but it’s true!

I didn’t win the contest, but hey, I was seen and appreciated for my work. Sounds like a win for me!

For the world bipolar day I wrote my first Dutch pieces (february 2019):


Ik voel het meteen als het op komt…

Een seconde was het zomer, nu herfst.

Stemmingswisselingen komen, zo abrupt, en nu…?

Ik heb geen tijd om dit te voelen, ik moet doorgaan…maar waartoe?

Switch, swoof…

Zoals seizoenen ben ik nu ook verandert.

Ik hou ervan en haat het: het is mooi om te voelen, maar zo zwaar voor mij.

Hoe gaat het, vragen ze me…moeilijke antwoord moet ik zeggen.

Plus Minus…maar begrijpen ze me?

Ik voel me wind, ik voel me aarde…soms word ik vuur, en als het goed gaat, word ik water.

Stil…goed ademen.

Ik ben een mens zoals jij, dat alles voelt en is.

Zo…hoe voel je vandaag?


Boven en beneden, zo zijn wij, zoals een hartslag.

Het begint klein en dan op eens kunnen wij vliegen, ver van de realiteit, buiten deze wereld.

Maar tegen welke prijs?

Alles dat naar boven gaat, moet ook vallen.

Leven stopt om te voelen.

Ja, die hartslag zijn wij en onze liefde voor het leven en elkaar.

  • The first one represents the arrival of depression after being manic. How the mood swings affect my life and how I just have to accept and face it.
  • The second one is how I see bipolar people. I’m going to get this tattooed XD

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Merry Christmas!

P.S. It’s imperative to follow your own path. Welcome 2020 with open arms.

Snowy bridge Lady Dalyz

bridge after the snow

Accidentes y vidas

Te vi llegar…y no supe hacer nada más que bloquearme.



Abro los ojos,


Niños al suelo.

Sin diente.

Pensamientos que no pueden parar.

Sin sentir el dolor.

Sin entender.

Sin poder.

Con vida.


Life in water Lady Dalyz

Water lives inside and around us

On the road again…last one of 2019.


I felt so courageous this day!

I had an idea of what I wanted to do, of course, but since I always change my mind…I did!

I was so nervous and vulnerable, specially while singing, oh my God!

The amazing improvisation of Palmyre Collin (the dancer) was just the icing on the cake!

I hope that you can enjoy it as much as I did.

  1. When more means nothing…and nothing is worse;
  2. Accidentes y vidas;
  3. The sun that gives me life.
Poezie op het spoor Lady Dalyz

Poëzie op het spoor

When more means nothing…and nothing is worse

Bird Lady Dalyz

You only need one leg to stand

This feeling of abandonment is still here, rooted in my soul.

I feel alone, empty. No matter what I do to help myself, I can’t seem to make it stop.

I can be surrounded by all my loved ones, but still be missing you tremendously.

Pretending that I’m strong enough, that I don’t need your approval, or your love…

It costs me so much effort and energy to protect myself from you, and the thought of you.

I love you with every fiber of my body, and yet that isn’t enough.

You don’t see me.

You don’t hear me.

You don’t care.

I crave your attention, even though I have no right to do so.

I expect you to show me love, when you literally have no obligation to me.

I thought I was an important part of your life, when clearly, I’m not.

You didn’t choose me, you chose her…I just came along with it.

The sad truth is that I miss you, but most of it, what you represent to me:

Unconditional love that I never had from the man that should have given it to me, but never did.

Trust & Issues

My heart has lead me to painful memories.
My brain has planned failures and sabotages.
Delusions of my vision, materializing the impossible.
Heard voices that wouldn’t allow me to move, or breath.
People I’ve loved had abused me, mentally and physically.
I’ve been so paranoid that I wouldn’t come out from under my sheets.
I’ve trusted people that only wanted to use me.
I tried to kill myself.
I’ve wished I was dead.
I can’t trust myself.

Now, my love…How can I trust you?

Eye Lady Dalyz

Eye in love

Out of my comfort zone.

Worldbipolarday 2019

Worldbipolar day Lady Dalyz

It has been a while since I’ve updated my “status” so…this is what I’ve been up to:                      

1. I’m back on medication…that is triggering by itself, and I haven’t stopped since my last episode.

2. I’ve started therapy…let me tell you: I’m proud of all the people that struggle with all those feelings that come up from reliving your traumas and triggers during therapy!


That. Is. Tough! I’ve been having all these mixed episodes…

Some days I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t even know what I’m feeling! What I do know for sure, is that I don’t want to feel that way.

One of my biggest struggles is change, so…be prepared for some real triggering stuff in the near future!

3. I’ve collaborated with the multi-talented Martina Bertola.  <3

(part 1)(part 2)(emotionsdon’tscareme)(Animus&Anima)

4. I’ve been actively promoting my poetry/art (or whatever it is)…Waaaaay out of my comfort zone!

First was reading my poems for the Worldbipolarday in Haarlem…in Dutch! 🙈 (plusminus)   

I was so nervous, shaking and making mistakes, OH MY GOOOOD! Terrifying!

Expo2019 Poems & Pictures

Expo “Poems & Pictures” Lady Dalyz

In May – June I had my second exposition, with pictures and poems that I hope went straight to the/your heart 😉   (Wijkcentrum Alleman)

Then went to a “Poeziemiddag” and decided to improvise and recite some of my poems, live, again! I must admit it went better, I’m proud of myself =)

That escalated into me doing it a third time…soon 😱:

Will you be there? I have a surprise for you! =)

(het nederlands blog initiatief)

Poezie op het spoor

Poëzie op het spoor

Het Nederlands Blog Initiative

Het Nederlands Blog Initiative – Lady Dalyz

Chemistry and intimacy

Looking deeply into your eyes, never a break until the volcano erupts in that disastrous lava that we crave, becoming greedy and shameless.
I feel the tenderness of your lips, tongue, on my weakest spots…Bermuda triangles with coordinates that you’ve learned to read and navigate, exciting me, making me what I hate to be: human and vulnerable.
You’ve managed to put me against myself: daring to fail.                    

Lady Dalyz

Lady Dalyz – ph. Andrea Colombo

This is our field, and as such, strategy is a must:

The war of love against pleasure.
One road to purity, unity, and humanity, but also the gates of an unperfected hell, where cowardness and shame expect me.
Tired, weak, shaking… I’ll still continue till my last breath.

A pleasure that will be lost in the silence of these walls that I’ve built and broken so many times before.

The pain caused by the battle is satisfaction, achievement, and addiction that it’s hard to get rid of because…
It never feels so good to lose power and control.

Thunders during the storm.

To the point Lady Dalyz

To the point

This is definitely the biggest raindrop I’ve ever felt, seen, and the wind?! So strong…

It is a good day: the day that I decide to get rid of you. Forever.

I’ll miss you…for a few days…and then it’s over.

The decision to love myself came late, whatever that is, late, too late for me. I know better.

For years you’ve been my friend, my air, my rest and my secure place.

Yeah, I’ll miss you for sure…but you’re killing me.

For years all I wanted was to be with you.

Now I know that I’ll be happier without you, richer, healthy from your poison and your lies of false support.

I don’t hate you, on the contrary…but I chose to love myself more.

We’ll part ways with a celebration…after that never again.

The pianist of our bodies.

I want to love you the way that the pianist loves the touch and sound of the notes;make love to you with my eyes closed, just as we enjoy every sensation while feeling your fingers touching my hidden keys.

Laugh with you as our bodies touch in this perfect dance, and feel the pain on my fingertips but still be willing to never want to stop or give up, until the concert is over.

After all those feelings of pleasure…bow down, exit and leave you wanting to come back for more.

Elfy Lady Dalyz

Being the King